20 October 2017

Blue Ray: From the Sacred Divine Feminine Light Counsel of Interplanetary Peace ~ Shekina Rose ~ 19 October 2017

Source: Shekina Rose

To hear the vocal transcribe transmission.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGNwX2ULtcw&feature=youtu.be

We are here for Love. We are here in Light. Our hearts gather in a symphony of song that can be heard and known across creations. Our presence is converging to be of service in the unveiling of great revelations on your planet, to assist in the transition of timelines of different interplay with Gaia as her note is rising and shifting and this has effect on the time-space of Creation.

We are the Divine Feminine Presence of the Venusians, Anunnaki, Sumerians, Inner Earth Pleiadians, Lemurians, Lakota, Orion, Sirians, Lyrians, Hathors, Galactic Families and different fields and Rays of expression, which may or may not make sense to you based on the way you have been indoctrinated into life. Most of the expressions on life have their origins in other places of the Galaxy, Universe interdimensional planes that have been seeded on Earth.

By the frequency of light you emit, we know who you are and where a planet, a race, a galaxy is headed in the timeline space. This is not something that can be false witnessed and one way you can navigate and create through what is coming. You have a right to know who you are, your intrinsic value and place in the Universe and how to use your Divine DNA Blueprint.

You will be presented with opportunities via revelations and disclosure on the planet. Not all agendas are for the Law of One; we express the Unity of One Divine Principal of One . We wish to share ways of expressions that tap into the resonance fields and timelines that can benefit the whole. Within your own DNA are alchemical equations of the Creator’s field that you can tune into and merge into frequency resonances of different time space.
There is a connecting field that exists within all of you through your energetic blueprint, one being at the solar plexus, where the soul is connected through a unifying field that expands through a super highway conductor of the Cosmos of information, and some of you are more sensitive to this than others. The Starseeds and Star Children have an enhanced sensory DNA access of empathic and ethereal sight. They are the ones who have a specific calling to be of service to the Universe by reactivating these holy imprint codes of Humanity. They are of the Sacred Divine Feminine nature.

You are all connected with each other within the field of knowledge and there are other ways to know and see that are beyond deception. It is your right to be a fully divine human, activated to your true design within the Universal Light Lattice of the Creator’s field.

The divine feminine has a different resonance in its expression and this expression is one of the missing keys on the planet. Revelations will be coming in other ways, in the revealing of your own true nature, the blueprint of the stars within you and expanded ways for communications and healing, to experience each other, true intent, truth and origin and how to make shifts and alterations using frequency, Divine love and Compassion for your life, relationships and the greater whole.

Your True Nature has the rights of the Gods, miracles, transformation, alchemy, time travel, inter-dimensional technologies, the rights and resources of this earth and Universe. For your DNA came with these technologies though they may not be fully recognized. This is not just for “special beings, hierarchies and the Gods. You are not inferior or in any way to be shamed for your birth here. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You have the rights of the earth. You were born here. You have a divine birth right.

God is Light, and Love is the emanation of this Light. Light is frequency.

The frequency of God is Light in action coming from the Creator. God is the act of the Creator

You are Light.
You are Love.
You are God.
You are Frequency.
You are the Frequency’s Light of the Creator.

We speak in Gaia’s name, for we all share a love for her and she is a resonance in our tones in the Universe. She has an exquisite beauty for she carries many octaves and levels of the Creator’s Heart. Through her resonances on Earth, the life songs of Gaia are carried out through the Cosmos and have a far reach back out to the origins of which they came through.

It is why Gaia, Mother Earth, is so precious and so misunderstood and why the battle ensues for her domain, as the creation of many life forms and beings exist here. We are here to tell you, precious ones of the Universe, a great secret. You have the power of the Universe of the Creator’s Heart and Soul. You have come to Gaia to partake of the soil, the breath, and the Light Source of the Central Sun. All living beings on Gaia have the same rights as the Creator Soul which lives in you.

At different times, certain aspects of our expression, we speak and share with you so as to reactivate those aspects of cellular remembrance and awakening through the Sacred Feminine Divine Blueprint of the intergalactic and star lineages you are from. You are immensely loved and cherished and we hold you dearly within our hearts as the Universe of Creation sings your song of continued Light Praise.

In the name of humanity, we support and uphold your Divine lineage that reaches through all of us. In unity of one LOVE.

The Blue Ray Beings and the Sacred Divine Feminine
The Blue Rays, ultra-sensitive empath star beings, have a special connection to the Sacred Divine Feminine and Codes of Creation. As this is one of their main connections, through their ascension is the way of the Mother Frequency. The Blue Rays’ super empathic nature and intuitive body resonance is an aspect of the dormant DNA codes of the Mother's frequency. These DNA codes are being activated to unify and create access to other intelligent life forces needed to support Earth and humanity in the Divine Power of Love.

From Shekina Rose
This transmission has not happened overnight. The Sacred Divine Feminine has been an integral expression of my path throughout my whole life and pre-soul agreements before coming to the planet, starting with the arrival of my star family and star mother in my early 20’s, and later in 2008 downloaded with the information that I was from the Blue Ray including its sacred knowledge. I have been sharing the Blue Ray Transmissions on ascension, the ancient sacred technologies, to empower the ultra-sensitive empath starseeds on this planet, letting them know they are not alone and assisting them with their mission of light on the planet.

The Sacred Divine Feminine Light Counsel and their expressions and representatives accelerated and increased their communications and visits with me when I moved to Sedona, Arizona. The Shekinah flame appeared and spoke to me in the early 2000’s and became part of my expression and essence. Three near death experiences have increased my sensitivities and awareness to the Light and inter-dimensions.

Over the next six years, the Inner Earth Pleiadians, Lemurians, and Mother Mary communicated with me in their ships in person, through light generators, the Venusian’s song and their light ships with collaborations with ancient sacred technological devices and light portals. The Arcturians and Sirians gave specific higher dimension songs and sound codes that would activate the pineal gland stargate and dormant Galactic DNA.

At each interval of our galactic and star family arrival, I would have very physical experiences as we would perform a different task in building the light quotient. I developed very profound relationships with some of them which has changed me. These communications with the ET and star family and the evidence of them coming has been documented in the book, Sedona: City of the People, by Mark Amaru Pinkham and the impetus for the TV video series “Supernatural Sedona”.

I am very grateful to be here on Gaia to remember home here on the planet through my Light family. Thank you for being here at this most auspicious time.

I love you!

Shekina rose

To hear transmission
Youtube auto link here and to read the entire message From the ~Sacred Divine Feminine Light Counsel of Interplanetary Peace here http://conta.cc/2eNiVOj

1111 Blue Ray & StarSeed event/ conference/ ceremony Activating the Starseed Global Mission".with the Pleaidians of Peace who appeared to Shekina on the 11 11 at the cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona AZ in their ship. For tickets and Events in Sedona AZ.


1111 2017 Blue Ray Starseed Sedona, AZ Event/Conference/

Are You From the Blue Ray? http://www.shekinaspeaks.com/Blue_Ray.html

Where am i am from? What is my mission, what are my unique spiritual gifts and abilities? Who are are my guides?

A Soul Reading with Miracle 528 Hz Love Frequency and DNA Repair http://shekinaspeaks.com/Healings.html

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Shekina Rose, a Blue Ray Angelic, Starseed, is a Divine Song Messenger of Shekinah in the 528Hz Miracle Ancient Solfagio scale in the Language of Light. She is the Channel of the Blue Ray Transmissions, and Galactic delegate of peace and unity.


https://www.eyewithin.com/ whales Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Art picutre Arcturian by Vashta Narada's Galactic Art

FREE Cell Speak™ 21 Day Email Series ~ Lauren C Gorgo

Lauren C Gorgo has generously offered this mini-series for free. Just sign up at the link given below. I'm just going to copy the whole thing here.

The current lunar cycle (Aries full moon 10/5 → new moon in Libra 10/19) marks the establishment of the New Human Template for all those choosing biological ascension. This means that many are reaching the vibrational point by which the physical body can assimilate the divine blueprint, the map of our full human potential.

The New Human Template is the basis of a whole new 5D operating system, one where our lower body meets our higher body/immortal consciousness.

In the last 5D report, the council spoke on this process of (re)gaining access to our GOD DNA (the divine human genome) because many are right now activating the lightbody technologies required to live as illumined BEings in an ascended earth reality.

Since the solar eclipse we have been absorbing/integrating so much light to make this transformation possible...it has NOT been an easy time.  Transitioning into a new body while shedding the old body requires tremendous focus, faith & unspeakable surrender.

Like all things ascension, we have to allow the de-densification process to unfold...which for those prepared is an actual body transfiguration, the final stage of embodiment.

Ultimately, we are awakening to the higher (DNA) intelligence of the body which is a map of consciousness that holds the entire universe within it. We can utilize that awareness to communicate, restore, enliven, and rebuild our body which is why I put together a FREE Cell Speak e-Series in support of this now physicalizing potential. 

Please get your free series here.

Shifting Realities and Changing Time ~ The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie ~ 14 October 2017

Source: Awakening With Suzanne Lie

More and more, your third dimensional reality is changing and shifting. For example, the third dimension was once the only reality you had. There was “Heaven,” but that was far away, and you could only get there by dying to your 3D earth vessel.

Now your third dimensional life is changing because the frequency rate of your current reality is beginning to transmute into the next octave of reality.

When you lived on the Ship, your Core Frequency was fifth-dimensional. However, you could move into your fourth dimensional frequency in order to communicate with the YOU that had taken a third dimensional, physical self.

It is imperative that more and more of our “volunteers to take an earth vessel” are able to expand their consciousness to include their fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness because it is your state of consciousness that dictates the frequency of the realities that you are able to perceive and experience.

You, our volunteers to Earth, have taken a human earth vessel to assist this society and planet with the process of transmuting from a third/fourth dimension reality into a fifth dimensional reality. This shift is a great challenge, as the third/fourth dimensions of reality have different Operating Systems FROM the fifth dimensional realities.

The third and fourth dimensional realities have operating systems based on TIME and SPACE. On the other hand, the fifth dimensional realities have Operating Systems based on HERE and NOW.

We, your Galactic Family, are pleased to see that more and more humans are expanding their consciousness to the threshold between the third/fourth dimensions and fifth dimension. The fifth dimensional operating system of reality is actually an octave leap beyond the third/fourth operating systems.

The third and fourth dimensional realities function via the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT, whereas the fifth dimensional realities operate via the LAW OF HERE AND NOW.

What is occurring within your NOW is that there is a consciousness expansion from experiencing the third/fourth dimensions as your “primary realities” into experiencing your fourth/fifth dimensional consciousness as your primary realities.

The difficulty is that the third/fourth dimensional realities have the Operating Systems of “Time and Space,” whereas the fifth dimensional realities have a totally different operating system based on “Here and NOW".

At first, the difference between the third and fourth dimensional Operating System and the fifth dimensional Operating System does not appear to be too much of a challenge. At first you will feel the shift between “something that has always been,” into “something that feels totally different".

To give just a few examples, with the fifth dimensional NOW, it does not take “time” or “effort” to communicate with the higher frequencies because you KNOW that the higher dimensions are always with you in the “Here and Now.”

It does not take “time” to communicate with fifth dimensional beings and beyond. Nor will your third dimensional time change much from the time you accept the higher dimensional transmission into your Higher Mind.

However, it will “take time” for you to translate that message into third/fourth dimensional words and concepts. Third/fourth dimensional communications prepare you to remember that YOU are Multidimensional.

In other words, when you are in a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, you can communicate with many different frequencies of reality within the same NOW. It is the release from your addiction to third dimensional time, that is one of the greatest challenges for our Ascending Ones.

Please read on....

Being Me

Quotes Pie
Sometimes I pretend to be normal.
But it gets boring.
So I go back to being Me.

NEW GALACTIC CYCLE: OCT 18 – NOV 14: Self-Existing Moon of Form: Time to Consciously Shape Our Lives! ~ Eden Skywalker ~ 19 October 2017

Source: Galactic Culture

As human beings, we naturally want to live free from rules and limitations. But when we look at the natural world, although it may appear chaotic, the universe is actually quite structured, measured, and precise. Although it may not sound fun, our lives can actually be greatly benefited by welcoming the power of structure and form.
According to the cycles of The Galactic Calendar, we now have an entire 28 days to focus on exactly that. We are now entering the 4th month of the year: “The Self-Existing Moon of Form”  (October 18th – November 14th). You can align with the power of this 28-day cycle by contemplating its key words: “DEFINE ~ MEASURE ~ FORM.”

The power of 4 is the power of form: 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 elements, 4 limbs of our body, 4 phases of the Moon. The power of 4 brings us solid ground and stability.

Focus, precision, discernment, and planning may not sound exciting, but they can be our greatest allies in manifesting our heart’s desires. As we assess our lives and look into the nitty-gritty of how our we’re shaping our days, we can make grounded, practical decisions in the here and now that help us thrive in the future. We all seek to grow in joy and vitality, and this is a time to scheme our dreams, and formulate clear plans to actualize our goals.

Please read on....

5D Relationship Activation ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 19 October 2017

Source: New Earth Central

Today we enter New Moon zone in Libra at 26°. The Libra New Moon is opposite Uranus (the Great Awakener) in Aries exact at 26°. We can expect the unexpected when the planet of revolution, rebellion and higher intellect oppose the Libra New Moon representing balanced and harmonious relationships. This cosmic formation will send an electrical zap into stagnant, rigidly established 3D relationship models.

This past week we witnessed Jupiter in Scorpio blast away at deviant sexual behavior, a destroyer of human relating. The Libra New Moon opposite Uranus offers the next step in healing and transmuting shadow, revealing unconscious patterns in the Light. The death-rebirth cycle continues as we shed old personality structures and ascend into higher 5D models of being, loving and relating.

With the rise of the Divine Feminine, humanity is evolving beyond the traditional 3D polarized relationship into the 5D relationship activation of whole, balanced beings. All who are seeking life in the 5D New Earth plane are integrating their inner feminine/masculine energies in harmony and Oneness. The Divine Feminine/Mother Stargate is opening and blessing all of us with her nurturing, compassionate, unconditional love.

New Moons initiate fresh starts and new beginnings in life – the perfect time to create new utopias, visions and intentions for the new world to come alive. This Saturday we will travel in the phi spiral vortex directly to the Galactic Center and work with the Divine Feminine/Mother Stargate and activate the Resurrection Codes. Step into zero point at the Great Central Sun and accelerate your personal ascension!

We will be broadcasting the Utopia New Moon Global Activations this Saturday, October 21st to optimize the transition into becoming divine humans. Join other Lightworkers around the world in creating the New Earth paradigm, register here:


Lovingly, Meg

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19 October 2017

Beyond Weapons ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 16 October 2017

It's been a long while since I last posted anything from Laura Eisenhower.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

If directed energy weapons, Chemtrails, mind-control and weather control are what is being used against us to win the War, where humans are even more enslaved and used as a food source and target, and where certain individuals are annihilated to create despair ~ then our weapon of choice is beyond a weapon... This isn't a real War when no one is fighting back with even close to the same arsenal -- our way of fighting back is to reclaim our free minds and creative imagination and to be beacons of love and light, without fearing the dark or our own shadow. It is about honoring our relationships and seeking harmony, so that it ripples out and irons out the imbalances.

Our way of winning this War is to expand into our Multi-dimensional bodies, to raise our vibration through establishing direct connection with Spirit, to invoke our strongest protection and meditate with visualization of our shields and the armor from our light bodies strengthening our Aura... Our way of winning the War is to also exercise our greatest discernment, get deeper and closer to our own Soul and connect with Nature, so that our DNA can upgrade and we can have our great Spiritual abilities fully restored. Don't shun your anger or emotions, feel all that you are from the core of your being.

Let all these events pull out your inner Super hero, we have an override frequency DNA potential that can stop all these dark agendas in their tracks and it is who we truly are and we were created this way, so that we would always have the upper hand over any controller group. This is why they are so threatened by us and why they have gone to such great lengths to teach us that we are less than or sinners or at the mercy of World events or governments; where we also have no control over our physical ailments and its up to the Doctor to fix or medicate it -- or if we have a reaction to the injustices and desecration of all that is Sacred, we are told we have emotional or mental problems and we are offered dangerous drugs to zombify us.

Explore your Consciousness, you are your Destiny - self-love and self-discovery unlocks our greatest potential and opens Stargates. All these abilities and divine power is available for everyone, it is just a matter of knowing what formula will open us up fully to it, so we can download it into our physical vessel and by pass the timelines that lead to a Phantom imitation Earth on a life-support system, void of Soul.

We can be taken into the realms of the magical Kingdoms, where we all can take our thrown of Sovereignty, as Nature royalty, ordained from Source itself -- working with the elements and animals, crushing the false matrix and obliterating all dark technology, implants, controls and damaging propaganda and programmings and replacing it with pure love, light, wisdom and the great power of the darkness, the womb and Soil of the Soul, birthing higher and greater realities and experiences.

Alchemy and the Law of One ~ Cosmic Disclosure S8:Ep11 ~ David Wilcock and Corey Goode

Thank you, Andrew Davidson, for gifting this.

Please click on following link, available for free viewing for the next 37 hours:

Description given:

David Wilcock and Corey Goode examine alchemical concepts and correlate them to the science of the secret space programs and the Law of One. This information has survived many cataclysms to make its way to us from the ancient lands of Atlantis and Lemuria.