19 August 2017

Building Up....?

The Ying to the Yang: East and West, Sun and Moon, Night and Day

I received this more than a fortnight ago, and have just realised that I haven't yet posted it! Thank you, David, for pointing this out.....the Synchronicity is truly Divine!

The Lunar Eclipse covers much of the East:

While the Total Solar Eclipse covers the representation of the West:

There are several special attributes about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse ~ it is absolutely clear that this is a supremely pivotal "arrangement". It's as if they are adding as many parameters as possible to this occurrence to ensure maximum potency.

We'll do our part! 😉

Varying Frequencies and Energies

Energy Update: Upgrades, Bigger Lives and the Power of Community ~ Lee Harris ~ 17 August 2017

The following is the given description for this video update, which you can view at Lee Harris Energy.


THIS IS AN INWARD FOCUSED HEALING TIME - Keeping your external focus as small as possible will suit most of us. Launches and Externalized creations will flow (and be received) better from mid September onward. (As always, there will be a smaller number of you who are loving launching right now - see the section below called URGENCY TO CREATE.)

THE SWIRL OF HISTORY ON THE WORLD STAGE - History is being re-examined and healed from the inside out but VERY SLOWLY. The past 100 years is being focused on through certain world events and there is an uncomfortable and challenging healing arc taking place. That which is no longer working is being squeezed to the surface. This affects the nervous system so choose your battles wisely. Notice when external distractions and dramas deplete you and step back from time to time.

BE MINDFUL OF FEAR OR ANXIETY BASED ACTION - Fear and anxiety is activated in the collective. Check that your own actions are not being unconsciously driven by anxiety or fear as that can produce chaotic or distorted results and relationships.

URGENCY TO CREATE AND ACT - Breakthroughs and brilliance are AT THEIR BEST for many right now, including the birth of new talents, abilities, desires or experiences. A smaller percentage of awakened souls are shining brightly and riding this trail right now. Keep going and know that it won’t always be comfortable or known as you progress into new territories. One step at a time creates a journey along a new pathway.

COMMUNITY IS VITAL - whether it is humans, nature or animals that are your preferred community. Community moments and building over the next few months will be important for your well-being, your nervous system and the ability to share in and alchemize together the current energies, rather than trying to feel and find your way through it all alone. SET AN INTENTION to bring good community into your life and let go of your story of isolation or loneliness. Know that whatever fears, tears or sorrow around loneliness will then start to release in tandem with your intention.

HEART HEALING is on the table in a big way right now. This can show up as dreams or daydreams about significant people and moments in your life. It can also show up as more palpable/felt vulnerability, tenderness or the need to nurture your greater sensitivity while a more expanded heart energy settles into your life. Where relationships are lacking in mutual respect or heart energy, they can rise to the surface for re-examination or negotiation with those people.

THIRD EYE opening is on the rise. Mental Confusion/disorientation can be a byproduct when your intuitive visionary mind moves in to take up more of the space than your linear thinking mind. This can lead to an abundance of ideas - remember you only need ONE good idea in terms of action you take. The Third Eye sees many possibilities and timelines. The awakened human can only ground and create so much at any one time. Journaling your ideas or writing down your vision can help you feel less overwhelmed by rising THIRD EYE activity.

THIS WORLD IS CHANGING AND SO ARE YOU - Right now we are being called to ELEVATE and UPGRADE - to live BIGGER LIVES than we did before (whether you feel this inside or outside in your life). You may feel as much nervousness as excitement around this invited growth. Some days there will be more progress than others. Tend to daily silences, still moments and self-care for your heart, and this upgrade will be supported at the highest level by you.

"SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE SKY AND THE GROUND, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE SILENCE AND THE SOUND - THERE YOU ARE." (Extract from the channeled song/mantra in new MP3 ‘Your Big Life’ - and a useful compass for sensitives, light workers and awakened souls right now.)


New MP3: Your Big Life

The Great American Solar Eclipse Is Upon Us — & This Is What It Means For You - Sara Coughlin - 15 August 2017

Kelly Lapseritis is onboard with the Unity Meditation!

From Kelly Lapseritis (fb)

A total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, August 21, and it will be the first one in 38 years to be visible from the mainland U.S.

A new total solar eclipse occurs every 18 months and signals the start of a new spiritual cycle, explains Athena Perrakis, PhD, founder and CEO of Sage Goddess. For instance, before the one that will take place later this month, the most recent total solar eclipse occurred in March 2016. According to Dr. Perrakis, something that was put into motion then will be reaching its end or culmination now: "Ask yourself what was happening back then. Do you see a connection or an echo of a theme? This [month's] solar eclipse is here to tell you, 'Okay, we're done with that now.'"

If spring 2016 wasn't a particularly momentous time for you (or if you can't be bothered to think back that far), you can simply recall August 7 of this year, when we were hit with the double-whammy full moon and partial lunar eclipse. Dr. Perrakis says you can consider any personal changes that have happened during this shorter period of time as a result of the eclipse cycle, too.

Maybe it was a transitional period at work or a rough patch in one of your relationships — whatever it was, it's reaching a head this month, for better or for worse. Each eclipse signals the end of something and the beginning of something else, though you may need to look very closely for that shift to become evident.

"Eclipses mess with your understanding of light and darkness," both literally and figuratively, Dr. Perrakis says, adding that it's in your best interest to avoid performing grand rituals or setting any intentions that might get lost in translation. The day of the eclipse itself may prove disorienting or overwhelming, but, if you're willing to step back and experience the event for what it is, it just might give way to a major revelation — something that will kick off the next 18-month cycle, perhaps.

Overall, eclipses "create an internal transformation that ultimately results in an external transformation," Dr. Perrakis says. A change of heart or mind might be on its way — or you may finally find the answer to a decision you've been putting off for months. Even if you're nowhere near the line of totality (or aren't able to livestream it), rest assured: You will feel the effects of this eclipse just as intensely as everyone else, because it all starts within.

SOURCE: http://www.refinery29.com/…/solar-eclipse-2017-life-effects…
Here is a link to the Facebook Event for our Unity Meditation at Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 at 11:11:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time (6:11:11 PM GMT)
Meditation Instructions:
Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of bringing harmony and unity for planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, through the eclipsed Sun and the Moon and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

Now visualize a soft pink healing divine feminine energy, healing all people of the planet of their past traumas, bringing peace, harmony, understanding, abundance and unity. Visualize this soft pink light healing the minds and hearts of all people worldwide. See all Lightworkers, Lightwarriors and Truthers working in unity for the creation of the New Earth. See the people of Earth celebrating and joyfully participating in the creation of our new reality where everyone can obtain what they need and freely choose to live as they desire.

Suggested time for meditation is 15 minutes.
You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

Guided audio meditations in multiple languages:

For the Worldwide Synchronized Guided Audio Meditation (in multiple languages) that begins playing automatically at the exact time for this meditation, click here:

For the #Eclipse Event 2017 page:

Use #EclipseEvent2017 to post your YouTube videos and tweets (and see other people’s tweets and youtube videos of the Eclipse) on our page for this event on:

SOURCE: http://prepareforchange.net/…/cobra-corey-goode-call-speci…/

T-4 Days to Solar Eclipse Mass Meditation. Get Monday Off Or Use a Break … ALL HANDS ON DECK: Here’s WHY! ~ Jim Tourtsakis ~ 17 August 2017

Source: Return to Your Truth

Continental Army … ARISE.

That’s right … as the first country that dared to consciously stand up to bloodline rule, along with St Germain & ascended masters having a hand in the creation of this constitution … the spirit of the American Revolution WILL BE INVOKED when it’s inner shadow wounding is exposed on the surface across its heart, as the Moon Goddess commands its healing by casting her physical shadow.

“ … this is a critical decision point for America “

Cobra – June 2017

If you’re the sensitive or intuitive type … you can feel the massive mobilization of Light forces on all the plains & octaves over the past few weeks especially … and feel it coming to a close as the final chess pieces are moved into position for a very possible checkmate result from this eclipse.

The Cabal & what’s left of dark forces on the non-physical & physical plains has been doing the same. The physical Cabal has been knowing & planning for this eclipse EVENT for 99 years according to former insider & MK Ultra experiencer Jolene Seebacher.

Can you FEEL IT?!

This week’s show is largely going to be a rallying cry for the CONTINENTAL ARMY OF the United States of Lightworkers to arise … one more time, with whatever fighting spirit you have left in you, if it’s the last thing you ever do for planetary liberation!

The Positive Military & Agencies NEED YOU


The Weak … The Hungry … The Downtrodden … NEED YOU

Please read on....

Unity Consciousness, the Eclipse and Resetting Our Consciousness--Sue Lie/Arcturians and Lauren Galey ~ 11 August 2017

Source: Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Lauren Galey: I’m Lauren Galey here with Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians. We invite you to sit back, as we enter the Quantum Realm, that inner space that is the greater part of you. This Quantum Realm is your connection to infinite possibilities, infinite potential and infinite mastery.  
In this Quantum Conversation we are discussing Light Language and how it literally is quantum in the sense that it contains an incredible amount of information that is a part of your greater mind, and/or the source of your ability to communicate with the collective.
There are many names for Light Language, and this is what we can tap into outside of your third dimensional  “Time and Space.”
The Arcturians are here within this NOW to channel information about Light Language through Suzanne Lie. Sue has been channeling the Arcturians for decades, and she is here with us NOW with a message for the August eclipse, and more. 
Suzanne Lie:  Greetings to you all. 
Lauren G: I love the information from the Arcturians. And, we’re going to have them channel through you. For those who are new to you, I just want to share that you can pop in and out with the Arcturians a lot, as you’re very connected and you receive information. It’s quite fascinating when we go through the archives and we hear the messages that the Arcturian’s bring.
What I’d like to say is that lately they are talking about the brain, our brainwaves, our perception, and how this great “Shift of the Ages” is about humanity’s shift in consciousness, which allows a great shift in perception. Sue, will you begin by channeling a message from the Arcturians.
SL:  Great! I will add that, basically, I will receive whatever message the Arcturians want us to know within the NOW, as I’m just the channel. So let me take a moment to get centered and in alignment with the Arcturians... 
Arcturians:    Greetings, we are the Arcturians, and we are happy to meet with all of you within this NOW. We can feel your collective energy field and hope that you can feel our energy field as well.
Sue L: I am so grateful to have you here again in this space to open up this communication. I can certainly feel this connection, as well as the energy bodies of the Arcturians. Dear Arcturians, I would like to have the first question center around the eclipse in August. 
I know this eclipse will be a very powerful time here in the United States, as the eclipse will cross from the Northern Pacific Coast, all the way across America into the Southern Eastern Coast. We would all like to hear about what effects the eclipse might have on our consciousness.
Arcturians:  Blessings to all who will receive this message. We send our Unconditional Love to each and all of you. We will now answer Suzille’s questions. The effect that any eclipse has on your consciousness depends upon your receptivity that you have to the energy field of the eclipse. However, because the energy field of the eclipse is so strong, you don’t have to be in physical alignment with the eclipse in order to enter into the eclipse’s energy field.  
First, one of the things that we, the Arcturians, would like to say about this eclipse is that it starts off entering Oregon, which is one of the last places in the United States to be inhabited and populated. Then it ends up in the Carolinas, which was one of the first places to be colonized. 
Therefore, this eclipse will serve much like a reset. When you reset your computer, you turn off your computer and turn it quickly back on again. What happens is that the light turns off for a moment, and then, the light turns back on again.

Please read on....

18 August 2017

Unity Meditation ~ Utterly Imperative and of Utmost Importance

Many in the Lightworker community are going through a very disruptive and challenging period, specifically so after the Lunar Eclipse on the 7 or 8 August, depending on the location. As I mentioned before, I hadn't expected this level of intensity when I first cautioned about it on the 7th of this month ~ I haven't felt this much interference since 2012. This is evident from what some public Lightworkers are going through, from threats against lives (David Wilcock and Corey Goode) to fb rejecting "sensitive" posts, to shutting down CSETI's yt channel, to quote just a few.

I shouldn't be at all surprised, considering what's about to descend upon the Planet on the 21st, but to be honest, the level of interference ~ let's call it what it really is.....attacks ~ caught me by surprise. Having said that, I am also very thankful that the dark no longer wields the amount of reckless and wanton power they had in 2001. But look at their brilliance, even with limited influence ~ a single car ploughing into a group of protesters. The result? An entire nation thrown into turmoil in a matter of seconds, with the rest of the world watching nervously. No need for elaborate plane holograms, exotic weaponry or extensive preparations across several secret agencies.

They are so dedicated and focused with pitbull tenacity in carrying out their dark agenda. Acting with one single mind, UNITED in their objective. 

That's how they can still cling on to their last vestiges of power and successfully create havoc to block major progressive events from occurring, or at least diminishing the effects Light projects.

We will need to at least match, if not surpass, their level of focus and single-minded intent.

We need to get our act together and unwaveringly UNITE with one single objective during the Total Solar Eclipse.

We need to speak our collective voice so that our ONE will and intent rings out deafeningly loud and clear, piercing through the deep dark pits of the unLight and finally broadcasting with clarity to reach the patiently-waiting outbreath of the Cosmic Reset.

We need to get this right, dear Light Family ~ we need to come out in full force and show up for the Unity Meditation!!

Please be there for this Meditation, even if it's during a really inconvenient hour of the day. Lock yourself in the toilet (if at work) or turn on 3 alarms (during wee hours) if necessary. It's a Cosmic opportunity that's being gifted to us to seize and act upon, with our own Divine/Free Will. We must ensure that this grand event results in the most positive and highest outcome for Mother Gaia and her Humanity.

Speaking of which, Mother Gaia herself has already gone into warrior mode (Goddesses can be the most effective warriors), and she will no longer allow her path and Will to be jeopardised.


Attacks via a loved one or someone close to us is something that we have been watching out for, post-2012. This is very unpleasant, and most certainly heart-wrenching in severe cases.

However, in all honesty, this isn't even my greatest concern right now, because I'm hoping we've all reached the stage where we know the agenda for this and where it's coming from, and are at least somewhat prepared for this, or know how to handle it.

What I would like to warn against is unexpected outbursts from our LW family. This is specifically designed to create dissent and break up potentially powerful LW groups, to weaken our combined force prior to the 21st. Please be very aware of this and guard against it occurring in your groups or partnerships with a fellow LW. Be forgiving and tolerant if you encounter discord, and watch out for that tendency in ourselves at the same time.


I've had my share of "challenges" over the past 10 days or so. There's physical interference, personal attacks, blocks and disruptions coming out of nowhere, constantly. And I'm so very exhausted. Then there's this blog ~ sometimes I just can't post anything because nothing seems to work. It's been so very challenging, but as I mentioned earlier, their power has been considerably weakened as compared with 2001 and 2012.

We will not be derailed, we will stay on course, we will stay strong, we will stand our ground.

We will deny them the opening to split us up.

I must also make a mention of so many Light Warriors whom I know personally, who tirelessly and ceaselessly carry out their missions, no matter how many obstacles are thrown in their path. Their dedication always amazes me and fills me up with equal parts awe and pride.

HEARTFELT GRATITUDE to these Beautiful Souls who work behind the scenes, away from the public eye.....I love you all! 💜

And now, time for me to step on my Internet Soapbox....

I still see some popular (meaning with very large following) and major LWs who still haven't come on board with the Unity Meditation. Well, I'm calling out to all of you now.....


(Here's me using my David-blog yelling out the the Goliath guys....can't beat ironic humour to keep us going!!)

Come on, guys....whatever your philosophy, beliefs, grudges, objectives.....please put them all aside and gather as One Race to do this Unity Meditation. You speak about the control and domination system and how we must break free from it. Here's the perfect opportunity for you to join as allies to create the conditions that will enable this very transformation! Wait no more, get on board!!

Back to the rest of us.....let's form that Light Pillar around us 24/7, strengthen our connection with our Divinity as much as possible, stand tall in our Sovereignty and walk unerringly towards the 21st in full Empowerment as creator-beings-with-a-determined-mission.

Even with all the disruptions over these past days, please let me assure you that we are track. Even if we encounter a setback or two (or several!!), we have laboured so diligently over the past years with our Inner Work that we are able to bounce back. We are far more resilient than ever before, and when we bounce back, we can usually do it in great leaps.

Despite all that I've gone through, I am constantly reminded of this by all the synchronicities, messages and nudges I constantly encounter. An example is the numerous numerology I see very often when I pick up my phone. I've taken screenshots of some of these (below). I've also been seeing "1234" and variants of "144" when driving, and I just know you are, as well :)

** There are two 18:18 screenshots, one for 17th and the other for 16th August. These are all taken over the past three days, with the latest one just a short while ago (17:17).
Please excuse the one that shows 22:23....by the time I tried to screenshot it with one hand,
the time changed from 22:22 to 22:23 :)  **


Shine your Star, Heart and Earth Chakras as often as you can remember. Make them dazzle with brilliance and beam them as far and wide as possible. This is a great time to connect ourselves to the Cosmos as well as with Mother Gaia, and allow our Heart-Minds to lead.

We have so much power as creator beings to make a massive difference, set in motion the Great Shift, and change our world forever. 

We will step up to our task, and we will carry out our Cosmic duty!

Much Love and many Blessings to all, Namaste!