21 January 2018

Still Energised

On-Going Meditations

Here is the schedule for on-going meditations. Today, being Sunday, is also the Weekly Ascension Meditation.

In a recent update from Cobra, he had specified that the problem area is not the space covering 3 Earth radii from the Planet's core, outwards. Perhaps this is where we should focus the healing and clearing energies during our meditations.

And visualise a liberated and ascended Earth and her Humanity....

“God Speed”! Everything Accelerates. Hello Divine Masculine ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 20 January 2018

Once we align our Lives with Divine Will, we will come to understand our Lives from a more expansive perspective. Divine Will frees us from our limited thinking, self-imposed boundaries and over-categorisation of all aspects of our Lives.

Source: The Wake Up Experience
Now…. what a start into 2018. If anyone expected things to settle down – sorry to dissapoint you, but that is not the case. Since the beginning of the year we have entered the second phase of inner and collective balancing. Look who’s back: The Divine Masculine energy!
The past years, when we went through our awakening process, we were in an energetic environment of the Divine Feminine. Swimming in her sea of endless possibilities, wrapped into her rather gentle and slow waves of compassion, being nurtured, given time to go through our process at our own pace. The Divine Feminine tolerates free will, gives us the time to really find out what our essence is, and what is not authentic about us. The feminine energy is the patient and nurturing energy, moving slowly without any focus or direction. Although it was painful, it was intense and many times we thought: “I can’t do this, I just want to get out of here”, we moved forward in our own speed, being caught and held in this sacred womb of the Universe.

As many of you can see and feel now…. These times are over. The Divine Masculine energy is joining that dance and is really ramping up now. This energy is fast moving, direct, sharp like a knife and shows us merciless where we are still not in alignment. In a positive sense of course, but we have to get used to this, and learn to integrate this energy to be able surf these waves.

The Ego will be overruled

Have you had an accident lately and/or a feeling as if the whole universe was pulling out all the stops to push you into a direction where you did not want to go to or look at? Were your biggest fears triggered like never before, e.g. losing people dear to you, losing money, losing your job? The Divine Masculine does not tolerate free will. It does not tolerate blame or judgment for your situation. It asks us to own our creation, individually as well as collectively. It brings in the divine will and the moment you go against your essence, it will hurt. This energy drives us into surrender to the Divine.

The time of separation, lack and free will is over. We are returning to collective consciousness, unconditional love and abundance. Anything and anyone on this planet that tries to go against this, will have a very unpleasant time. The Divine Masculine destroys what does not match the new frequencies. It creates chaos to make space for the new.  More than ever, we need to go within, check in deeply with ourselves and feel what we truly want and need. Pay attention to our body and the syncronicities and  how perfectly they guide us. It seems paradox, and yet that is the key. Slowing down, listening carefully, while everything speeds up. Trying versus allowing, believe vs. faith, mistrust vs. trust.

Trying and having rigid beliefs is an effect of free will, manifesting as the need of control. We are holding on to old concepts and beliefs that we had been ingrained with for such a long time,which kept us in dependency and fear. And that will be no more. This energy now is truly forcing us back into our essence. The ego will be overruled, whether we like it or not. Until we surrender. Accepting what is. Accepting our fears, seeing them, allowing them to be there, and yet having the deep faith that it is perfect, and that these layers need to be stripped away to fully anchor in the new fifth dimensional frequencies and experience heaven on earth. The moment we are fully aligned and step into our true power of authenticity, the most amazing magic happens and everything falls into place .

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Welcome to the Evolutionary Ascension Process World ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 20 January 2018

Source: High Heart Life

Recently Courtland asked me why so many teachers and channels within the Spiritual Ascension Communities have said that the current president of the USA — the T creature as I refer to him — is so great, so positive, is “the one” whose causing so much positive change in this country. Here’s where I point out the top main image I chose for this article. It’s to remind everyone that each of us is standing on different energetic Stair-steps of development, consciousness, awareness, focus, abilities, growth, Ascension Process and so on. This has always been the case, but each year since the end of 2012, the gap between different people’s levels of awareness and consciousness has widened tremendously. Hence the Separation of Worlds or as it’s also called, the ‘Bifurcation’ of Worlds. And this great gap between the awake and aware and learning constantly, the awake and less aware, the awake and just starting to learn, the currently awakening, and the still asleep unaware people is NOT going to suddenly go from these many different Stair-step levels to everyone suddenly having the same awareness, development, focus, consciousness, Higher Awareness, and living the Ascension Process in the same way. It has not and still does not work this way even though the Ascension Process is evolving everyone at every different Stair-step level finally now that we’ve reached 2018.

There isn’t anything or anyone within the old lower 3D patriarchal world that was or is or will be “the one” that will magically fix everything or make things right or equal in this country or any other. That is old lower frequency Duality consciousness; disempowered consciousness that constantly projected outside of itself most everything. The T creature is unknowingly doing a very good job of forcing people worldwide to see how Duality functioned in our country’s government and consciousness, and how corrupt it all was and still is. Elephants and donkeys, donkeys and elephants, red and blue, Republicans and Democrats, it was all Duality but it was Duality within an illusion of vast differences and great choices for the people, the voters, but there never really was any. It was all an illusion of choice for the people of this country and was just Duality playing out at that old lower patriarchal level. This is the “end times” of all that, not the beginning of correcting those old systems at that lowly level but of evolving far beyond them all.

People who still believe in and are only capable of perceiving of power and answers, salvation and justice etc. as something outside of themselves and in someone else like a politician(s), ruler, religious leader(s), groups, set of beliefs or whatever are still functioning within the old and very low frequency of the global patriarchal Duality consciousness. Problem with this is that entire system has Expired and has no energies sustaining it or them any longer, and beating that dead horse won’t bring it back to life and power again. That energy, time, consciousness, life and reality has energetically ended and humanity is currently evolving beyond all of it now, hence all the chaos, insanity and high drama.

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Transcript: Dark Fleet Insider "Meta"

The above transcript can be read here at Adoninas.com

Covenant of Paliador, Krystal Spirals & Fibonacci ~ Ascension Glossary ~ Lisa Renee

There were a few things that were in Lisa Renee's recent "Embodiment" that I wanted to research further for better understanding, and they are the Covenant of Paliador, Krystal Spirals and Fibonacci.

I was especially interested in the reference to Fibonacci, and how Lisa implied that this was anti-Life coding. I wanted to learn more about what she meant, so I checked her Ascension Glossary, which comes from her perspective. Bearing in mind that the Fibonacci form presents throughout Creation here on our Planet, and we are living in anti-Life entropic energies, it does make sense even though my jaw dropped initially when I first read it in the update.

Here are the links for those interested:

20 January 2018

Love In In Your Heart ~ Rhys Thomas

Self-reflection is the beginning of the upper chakra journey of coming home to love and unity.
When you are done searching for love
You will find it in your heart.
Rhys Thomas
Source: The Shift Network

Exclusive Interview with New SSP Insider, META ~ Adoninas

I haven't listened to this yet so I won't be able to say anything about it, but will post now or else I may forget or put it off for too long.

"Meta", a new whistleblower just came forward a couple of days ago. If we remember what others like Emery Smith said about SSP insiders who want to come out in public to disclose, there are "hundreds of thousands" of such individuals.

Please listen here. This is a fb page, but for those without an account, I've been told that this would also be posted on other sites such as Prepare For Change and We Love Mass Meditations. I will add those links if I come across them.

I have no idea if this legit, so do have that Higher Guidance turned up high.