27 July 2017

Interpretation for Gaia Portal ~ Disclosure News Italia ~ 26 July 2017

Source: Disclosure News Italia

Gaia Portal Stellar Connects are Accelerated. Below the Gaia Portal of July 26 2017, together with our free interpretation.

Stellar Connects are Accelerated

We could interpret the Stellar Connections in a variety of ways, one is that a multitude of Galactic Beings, as stated by Pleiades 1, are coming to Earth in this delicate phase leading us to the Event. The energy projections toward the Planet’s Physical and Astral Planes are perceived and reflected to more and more people every day, this reflection of energy through the Earth’s Energy Grid and the Earth’s Surface Population causes an acceleration/numeric increase in Connections and, as a consequence, toward the Events.

A second interpretation of the Star Connections could also refer to the Eclipse, Lunar and Solar, occurring in August, where, through two distinct meditations, there will be a powerful acceleration of the connection to the Moon, in the case of the Lunar Eclipse, and the Galaxy Center, in the case of the Solar Total Eclipse of August 21st.

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26 July 2017

Stellar Connects are Accelerated ~ Gaia Portal ~ 26 July 2017

Source: Gaia Portal

Stellar Connects are accelerated.
Serenities of the Higher Light experienced in full.
Higher Guideds lead the way.
Flowers of Lights come forth.

The Lion's Gate Diary ~ Celia Fenn ~ 25 July

Source: Starchild Global

25th July : The Day out of Time. Today is the day to celebrate the "Day out of Time", and to honor Jose Arguelles who helped us to remember the Sacred Mayan Calendar.

The Day out of time is that moment when the old cycle has completed and the new is yet to begin.

It is a time within the "void" and the emptiness, but filled with possibility and potential.  It is like being in the womb, between death and infinity and the process of rebirth.  It is a magical and joyous time in which to celebrate the ongoing spirals of life and creation.
It is also a good time to consider what might be left behind and released as you move forward into the new cycle of time.

Remember that in the Fourth Dimension Time is experienced as a fluid quantum wave, and this is the moment when you prepare yourself to catch the incoming wave that lifts you through the Lion's Gate and into a higher level of conscious experience.  As Jose Arguelles would have said, now is the time to prepare to surf the "Zuvaya "or quantum Light wave from the "Hunab Ku" or Galactic Center , that will create another cycle of experience for us in 2017/2018..

Consciousness of Love ~ Kryon through Lee Carroll ~ January 2017

Image: Comos Magazine

Consciousness of Love

From Kryon Live Channelling, "Five Deceptions of the Old Energy"
January 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT

The center of the Universe has a consciousness of love that is the Creative Source and it lives within you every day. Can you smile with that?

~ KRYON through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

Holy Moly.....

Heart Math Institute
Thank you all for helping me monitor these readingsđź’–

Planetary New Year and Lion's Gate ~ Celia Fenn and Claudia Pureco ~ Charlotte View Radio Show ~ 21 July 2017

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Here's the given description:

Celia Fenn and Charlotte View invite you to our fourth episode of our 2017 Planetary Activation Series: Planetary New Year (Jul 25) and Lion's Gate (8/8)

During these Planetary Activation Shows Celia explains the current position of the planets and stars and how they affect our lives. On each date we welcome Archangel Michael's Energy Activation in relation to the cosmos

The energies of July have built up preparing the road to a major acceleration as we enter the Planetary New Year of July 26th preceded by the Day of Out Time (july 25th). We will reach a climactic point in August at the Lion’s Gate and the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in Leo, especially the Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August, when Celia Fenn will be back on Charlotte View Quantum Network for a special activation.

Celia Fenn is a Channel for Archangel Michael and a Spiritual Facilitator, Writer and Speaker/Performer, and the Founder of Starchild Global. She travels the world to work with groups of people, working with the energies of Archangel Michael, the Elohim Angels, the Councils of Light, as well as the Cetaceans, to bring information about the transformation and ascension of the planet, the Christ Consciousness and the Diamond Codes, the significance of the Grail Codes and the Sacred Heart, and the work of the Indigo and Crystal and Diamond Star Children at this time. She also runs the Star Shaman School of Shamanic Studies online, and offers online webinar courses on Spiritual evolution, and the relationship between Spirituality and Creativity. Private sessions are also offered by Celia on a limited basis.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeliaFenn


The Power of Sound ~ Galactic Historian ~ 24 July 2017

** I walk the path of the Ancient Ones, Nature is my church **

Source: Galactic Historian

SUN and GAIA urge you to dream, to embrace beauty, to love with no limits, to expand your heart chakra to fill the Universe, to drench everyone and everything with your over flowing chalice of Light.

There is so much love and expansion here for you!

Everything and everybody vibrates with a certain frequency. Every vibration has its sound, (the majority of them are not in the range of human hearing) and sound creates material form supported with power of intention.

Our Thoughts and Emotions also Vibrate/Pulsate,in the form of electromagnetic waves and they also have their own Sound and Image, which shapes our material reality. By knowing these facts we can always change our life, and give it a more dignified and enchanting shape.

The Power of Sound is an amazing creative force, which has been used from ancient times, and is also the oldest way of healing.Ancient cultures understood the power sound has on the Human Body. Through chanting and drumming, ancient man used sacred music to balance Physical, Mental and Spiritual Energies.

The Multiverse can be thought of as a Giant Symphony of Sound, with each Entity represented by a unique Sound. You can see The Source/The ONENESS in the order and harmony of the Multiverse. Geometry is “God” himself. The Multiverse is a musical instrument and everything in it is Vibrating/Pulsating in tune with the larger things that contain it.

-with much Love and Appreciation ,GH Team

August Eclipses "Love Signal" ~ Ada Shaw, Prepare For Change ~ 24 July 2017

There will be two Eclipses coming up in August, with corresponding global guided meditations being held. The potential power of these two days are further augmented by the Full Moon occurring during the Lunar Eclipse, and a New Moon during the Total Solar Eclipse. Makes me feel that this is divinely guided.... definitely perfect opportunities for us to create the catalyst for massive change!

Date & Time:
Lunar Eclipse: 7 August at 18:20 UTC
Total Solar Eclipse: 21 August at 18:25 UTC

There'a a guided meditation in English (here), or just the music alone (here). For now, there's only the English version but other languages will be available when they are ready.

The synchronised Meditation will also be available at prepareforchange.coeo.cc.

For all the details, please visit Prepare For Change.