21 April 2018

The Star Elders & Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

This is the new wave you have asked for. You are quickly evolving into a higher bandwidth with no integration time. You are literally flying by the seat of your pants, and you have lost total control of your “old normal”. Portals are now opening up, spilling out new ways you that could have never imagined before. You will never be the same again, nor would you want to be.

This is proving to be a DEFINING TIME in the history of humanity.

Various movements are being birthed right now, but they cannot maintain their much needed momentum by using the old ways. It is time to be brave, dive into the unknown, and use the new ways open to you now.

We are going to start to see an unexpected change in direction. The is a great evolution and your uprising that is powered / fueled by equality, love and universal balance. Your participation is required.

Do not sit back to see what will happen. Do something, any little thing to help these movements stay alive and evolve. Act from love with a greater power within you now. Earth’s Humanity is no longer the brainwashed race to be harvested like a soul-less crop. Discover the right use of the awakened divine feminine, the creative force of the universe within, and use it!
~ The Star Elders

When Something Resonates, it Doesn't Mean it's "Good" ~ Inelia Benz ~ 17 April 2018

Source: Inelia Benz

After publishing the article “It’s Time to Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater”, a piece of information has been coming in from various locations and it is insisting to be aired.

In that article, I spoke a lot about “resonance” and “dissonance”. But I did not mention the fact that when something resonates with us, it is not necessarily good. Sometimes our programs can hijack our resonance/dissonance compass.

Here is an example:

A person has been brought up to believe that teachers are good and that everything they say is true. That a teacher can be trusted, that they know better than us and that we need to disregard our belief or knowledge about a topic and adopt theirs instead.

In this example, the program described above runs very deeply. So, when the person hears something the teacher says, the program dictates the resonance/dissonance of the information. And, because the program says the teacher is always right, the person’s own knowledge becomes dissonant, making the teacher right (resonant to the program).

Another example:

A person runs a very strong program that says, “everyone on the planet is asleep”. The person then meets someone who is awake but teaches that “everyone on the planet is asleep”. The person hears this teaching and feels that is completely resonant. They will then tell others that this teacher is spot on and their teachings completely resonant.

In this second example, the teaching is wrong, but it resonates deeply as true for the person because the person is carrying a program that says it is true.

One might think, “if I can’t trust my resonance/dissonance compass, then how can I navigate life?”

Here are a few tools you can use to discern resonance to empowerment vs resonance to low frequency belief systems:
  • The belief is based on the suffering of self or others being positive.
  • There is righteousness in the belief.
  • The belief is based on fear.
  • The belief means that you or another person are a victim.
  • The belief needs martyrs.
  • There is a need for you or another person to make sacrifices.
  • The belief has the words, “all”, “none”, “never”, “always”, “the only one”, or other all-encompassing words.
  • The words used are disempowering to yourself or others.
  • The belief attacks others in order to be “right”.
  • The person and their words invalidate others to make himself/herself right
  • The belief bolsters your or another person’s ego.
  • The belief excludes all other teachings, teachers and belief systems because it (or the teacher) holds the only true answers.

Chiron in Aries ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 20 April 2018

Source: Meg Benedicte

We will be feeling the effects of Chiron in Aries for years to come. It is raising the bar for all who are seeking to become whole beings in the quest for self-actualization. Chiron points laser focus on healing the ‘identity wound’. As a soul-traveler from far off distant star systems, you may feel like an ‘Outsider’. Chiron will help you shed that old identity, so you can embody your true divine essence, embracing your soul mission.

I will be offering ascension activations tomorrow, Saturday, April 21st for Lightworkers to gather and co-create the 5D New Earth paradigm. If you cannot attend the ‘live’ broadcast, the replay will be available at the event link. The recording is accessible within minutes upon completion of the show broadcast. 

Crossing the Crystalline Bridges: Part III ~ Sandra Walter ~ 19 April 2018

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
Lower reality structures dissolve as the higher realities of Christ/Unity/Crystalline consciousness are embodied. Right here, right now, the platforms of Old Earth realities are fading. The effect on the collective consciousness is palpable; 5D/7D/9D anchoring within Gaia and the High-Vibe Wayshowers creates global acceleration of Ascension. Time dynamics dissipate to accommodate the finer, less linear version of collective realities.
Pure photonic light is encoded for Divine order. It synchronizes cosmic change, reorganizing our realities into Unity consciousness. It connects the dots, causing unification.
We can sense the massive reorganization of OverSoul groups during this passage. Ascension has been attained on so many levels, Beloveds. Not just for Gaia herself, for multiple Oversoul groups.

The trickle-down effect within the fractals is quite strong; the bliss, the loss of identity as we merge into a full embodiment of the multidimensional state of Unity. Many are unclear about they were, who they are, or who they are becoming. This is a very good thing, as it demonstrates this merge into Unity Consciousness. Separation becomes a distant memory, fading in the brilliance of the New Light.
The inability to define oneself right now is a reflection of the macrocosmic reorganization; the rewrite at the Universal level. Harmony is commanded and achieved in the higher realms, and our denser reality mirrors this on the microcosmic level through more widespread experiences of Unity.
We expand to permanently merge with the future self. The Divine marriage of past, present and future self creates the crystalline bridges to the New Earth platform. We have heard *embodiment first* for many years. To be in this experience in this Now moment, and surrendering to the unknown, is key to opening these bridges on behalf of all.

This is further evidence of lower timelines collapsing into Zero Point; we focus on what we are becoming rather than what we have been. It also accelerates bifurcation, and for anyone experiencing the next-level new lightbody, it can feel like we will be demonstrating what is possible by phasing into the higher frequency. Energies to support that experience will be entering mid-May. More on that soon.

The Bridge of Christ Consciousness

Please read on....

Evolution in a New Time ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 10 April 2018

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Back in November 2016, we could feel the edges of a powerful, absolute, defiant rising of the Divine Feminine a.k.a the Creative Force of the Universe. (See full article linked below). We had no idea what would be flushed to the surface back then. And holy moly, we could not have imagined what has taken place since.

The Awakening...

2017 was all about a deep, fiery cleansing bringing a lions share of abuses and misuses of energy and power back into the light. We cannot miss seeing this light rise into action in our media headlines. It is so exciting to see injustices brought to the light! This is what Goddess / Mother Sekhmet does best. She is an energy to be reckoned with. She is the mother of tough love. You wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. Many who have abused the divine feminine, or the creative force of the universe, have felt her fury and life changing, self-correcting power. This is the POWER of the divine feminine.
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The Evolution...

By the beginning of 2018, we began to see this powerful, cleansing movement evolve to the next higher bandwidth. These various movements cannot maintain their much needed momentum by the use of force, rage or anger. The new world will not support it, because it is not coming from truth, but ego. We are going to start to see a great evolution of the now awakened feminine/creative energy. This energy will be overseen by deep, encompassing wisdom from Celtic goddess orders, Mother Mary, and an ancient order of the Marys. Their energies will keep these abuses flushed out into the light to be healed, but with a higher wisdom. It will come from enlightened empowerment and finally victim mentality will die away. These issues will never be reburied in the unconscious again.

They will evolve with a much needed balance between male and female and birth a new era of accepted gender neutrality. The divine male has temporary been thrown under the bus this year while this cleansing is taking place. So we send love to all the amazing beautiful men in this world. They have had a rough go this past year as well. The “Me Too / times up / enough” movements etc... will be infused with enlightened truth that will encompass ALL genders. This is the great WISDOM of the divine feminine.

The Healing....

We can only speuclate the future. The future can never be predicted accurately. But I am sure you have noticed this . . . the playing out with predictions coming and going over the last few decades that never panned out. These failed predictions have caused much disappointment and depression to the point that many people wanted to give up. The Star Elders rarely predict the future, because the future is never written . . . The future is created moment by moment by US! Every moment that we re-create and shift, we recalibrate reality collectively. We are in fact manifesting from the ONE. (Continued below)
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In the past, the way oracles have been able to see forward is by using many techniques. One technique is a very simple one that we all use. We remember what has taken place in the past, and we watch what is happening now. From there, we can speculate and project a possible future by drawing a linear line from the past to the present. But this is not working these days, as many of you have discovered. We are now moving into spherical manifesting in the physical world. Yep . . . It is a very confusing time right now which is causing a great deal of anxiety (And a multitude of other symptoms that we all know about). We feel like we are flying by the seat of our pants at the brink of disaster. Our foundations are like quick sand. Yet the disaster does not come.

With that said, I am beginning to get new clues. I am having dreams that for now I cannot quite remember upon awakening, much to my disappointment. These dreams have been showing me many perception shifts at the core of our reality. The dreams felt like we are opening our eyes and finally seeing things for the way they really are and always have been. It is like waking up to a new day. And I intend every day that I’ll get more clarity on this as these shifts of perception were very specific. It is the time to see what the truth actually is. Once these perceptions have been uploaded into our new reality, it will change everything. This the final phase of this evolution, and it will bring a long awaited, great healing. We came here for this! For the remainder of 2018 and 2019, we will have increased frequencies of rememberings, and much of this will begin to anchor by the end 2019. This will be the manifestation of the LOVE of the Divine Feminine.

All archetypes of the divine feminine will work together to bring about this great power / divine healing / higher love. This will encompass the alchemical goddesses of the ancient past of Egypt. It will also encompass Celtic / Essene orders of ancient Avalon, and the great hearts and wisdom of the goddesses of Central and South America like Goddess Ix Chel, etc.... It will strongly reverberate within the hearts of humanity. By the time of this great healing, our destiny will no longer be altered, elevated, or hampered by our gender, social status, ethnicity or religion. Equality was never meant to be fought for. In truth, it just IS. In the new reality, equality will never be an issue, because equality is the divine right of all living beings. We will only be known by truth, the quality of our hearts and our frequencies. This has been the divine plan all along.

Premonitions from the 2016 message - THE DIVINE FEMININE TSUNAMI - VIOLET FLAME ACCELERATION. http://www.alunajoy.com/2016-november-29.html

We are seeing changes in the people that are joining our pilgrimages this year. Many people called to our pilgrimage in July, for England, are humble and deep people with a wise elder feel. We also have a younger, next generation vibe joining us a well. If feels like a spiritual baton being passed off to future generations that we hope will grow and reverberate for generations to come. It feels like there is going to be very deep future work done, laced with great joy. We are expecting unexpected magic and deeper insights in these dates where astrologically the veils will be very thin. (P.S. We still have space in this group, and there is still time to join us. After May, it may be not be possible to book a room for you).

The details...
Sacred Avalon 2018 ~ England Pilgrimage with Aluna Joy and Marcus Mason - July 4th - 20th, 2018 - Piercing the Veil of Time - Expanding the living codes of the sacred heart. (NOW . . . after receiving this message, I am beginning to understand why I was called to embed this focus into this pilgrimage.)

The only prerequisite to joining us on this pilgrimage is to arrive with an open heart and a willingness to “raise the roof” on your spiritual path. With current energies these days, raising the spiritual roof is a given, and there will be no turning back. So, if you are feeling the heart call to join us, then YOU have been divinely invited. The ancient pre-celtic order is holding the wisdom of the future for you. No one arrives on one of our pilgrimages by mistake. We are family and You have been called to a great reunion. Now . . . will you answer that call?


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The Beast Machine ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 19 April 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

"This Beast Machine was designed to destroy the architecture of the vertical pillar that is the Planetary Staff and to eliminate the Mother of God sophianic principle in this reality entirely. Destroying the Mother principle meant that all organic living creations would also eventually digress to become like the black hole entities, parasitic creations addicted to dead light in the matter world, hence they would exist in the AI worlds as the living dead."

We have to know the importance of the Mother for our ability to thrive as a humanity. So if you have barely pulled through and have been in tremendous pain due to the energies, this is more than likely why -- if you have devoted yourself to rescuing this, you are going to feel this in extreme ways. We will know which ET races are benevolent, based on their support of the Mother and helping us to connect with her - who resides also within. The Sacred Union between the M/F results.

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~20 April 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

We just need to allow the Ascension energies to move through us and from us versus trying figure it out or question if it’s even available or go overboard in trying to make it happen or fear it won’t.

It is already encoded in Nature and wants our human vessel to be a conduit for it and a generator, by simply allowing it versus trying to figure out how to get there. It will take us and carry us and become us, but too much toxicity, lower emotions and any form of self harm or mistreatment of others will lock it out of its own house, we are the natural habitat for it to exist because it is encoded in us as well.

We Ascend from the inside out to allow from the outside in, what is most beneficial. If we water the plant and give it plenty of sunlight, the rest unfolds with grace and ease. (Unless you are a cactus or a shade loving plant- so know your needs for thriving and hold space for all you need to release)

The Astro aspects coming up and how they impact certain individuals are pretty epic and challenging -- the worst part would be feeling like we are alone in this.

So my vision and hope as that we become more and more mutually supportive knowing that we are all each taking on a piece of the huge collective gaping wound and for it to heal, we need to band together, just like skin would or a broken bone.

We are called to different places of that wound and our greatest purpose is to step up to it with the willingness to transform it and heal it, rather than go into denial or mask it with a harmful programing or escape mechanism.

The collective programming is to stay divided and not go deep -- moving towards Ascension comes with the willingness to override the disconnect.


Just cause I am all about the Mother energy, doesn't mean I am a feminist (that is an engineered movement) or a Pagan who worships the Goddess and Nature (which I do appreciate) - this is who we are, its there for us to embody, rather than overly externalize. I embrace the Divine Masculine and Feminine within myself and within all and our capacity to unite in the face of constant threats and outer turmoil. I am all about balance. When does loving Nature and the Mother become something we shouldn't do? Many have been taught to shun that idea.

I am not a part of any particular group or religion or belief system other than looking at the obvious and exploring what my intuition tells me and what my journey has been trying to make clear and then I go and see what is out there that can back it up and bring more of an explanation to it. Those who are part of groups, religions or worship scenarios, should do what they like - as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, it can serve one until it doesn't serve them anymore.

The Essenes, Cathar lines and the real Templars understood Soul Alchemy and protected the Goddess, they knew how to be a Christed being and wished to share it, they understood these principles from the inside out. They may have had names for themselves, but amidst War and the perversion of all that is Sacred, the contrast amplified their presence -- they got seriously harmed and their information and teachings destroyed. This has crippled the Masculine as well and created an epidemic of Negative Ego -- massive imbalance and the degradation of all we see in our environment and humanity.

Excited and grateful to be on retreat in the Redwoods and then off to the New Living Expo!

20 April 2018

Celia Fenn Update ~ 19 April 2018

Yes, very out of sorts....

Source: Celia Fenn

"INTERPLANETARY SHOCK WAVE: An interplanetary shock wave hit Earth's magnetic field on April 19th around 23:50 UT. When the shock arrived, the density of the solar wind flowing around our planet abruptly quadrupled and a crack opened in Earth's magentic field. The resulting G2-class geomagnetic storm sent Northern Lights spilling across the Canadian border into more than half-a-dozen northern-tier US states."

(Spaceweather website)

I am not too sure what an "interplanetary shock wave" is......but I can say that it is doing all sorts of things to the planetary energies. Again. Powerful Light Codes incoming!
So if you feeling anxious or out of sorts....this is why!

Surf those darn "interplanetary shock waves" like a pro.....

So in that spirit i am off to make dinner!