21 May 2018

The Evolving Door Within ~ Lee Harris ~ 20 May 2018

You are meeting an evolving door in yourself.
Lee Harris

Source: Lee Harris

There are many of you right now who are about to stand in positions ahead of the crowd. This is your destiny, this is not some heroic job you are doing, this is what you were designed to do.

That is why so many of you have experienced disillusionment, boredom, lack of certainty over what to do in your future. Some of you have done this purely to process your own experience of the crumbling structures of this world, but most of you have done this because it is the truth of your journey.

As your world is meeting a revolving door, so are you meeting an evolving door in yourself. You worked hard to create these identities you have created, so letting them go is not always easy for the human which is designed to accumulate, keep safe, foster.

- From my MP3 The Crystalline Body
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The True You ~ Laura Eisenhower ~ 19 May 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

When you represent the True You in the World, the words you speak heal you and others -- it holds a real capacity to heal everything the World is struggling with.

With the frequency of your own authentic voice, everything stands to be corrected. If you hold that intention for yourself and with every Soul you meet, there will be the most powerful growth cycle available, which will assist us all in finding the antidote for any kind of pain we may be feeling - coming in from who and what we really are.

(The list is long as far as how that may look!)

That Which Is Observed ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 20 May 2017

Source: Magenta Pixie

Every structure holds a living energy system (waveforms) and that which is observed reacts to and interacts with the observer, forming itself to match the observers expectation. 

If you look for evidence of cabal control/infiltration you will find it to prove you were right. If you look for joy and laughter you will find that to prove you were right. 

The judgement or belief creates a boundary around the response, if you open your belief and simply observe without forming opinion then you receive the most neutral, pure energy presentation and this way you see all the nuances within positive, negative and neutral scale. 

Magenta Pixie 💙

The Light of the New Dawn ~ Magenta Pixie ~ 20 May 2018

Source: Magenta Pixie

Things are moving very fast right now. The energies are already moving in perfect waves in order to accommodate those who are 'further along' the path if you will and those who are not, in order for the greatest number of souls to move through the ascension process as possible

Patience we must have. The illuminati families have utilised patience as a major tool and we must do the same. If we rush we will burn out. 

The energetic response to your intentional asking of "how much longer? Please hurry the awakening along..." is "we are on it but cannot rush too fast and leave your brothers and sisters behind."

We cannot force people awake....this is not about first contact or a solar shift or one singular 'event' that will change everything in one moment (from the 3D perspective).
This is about ensuring enough memory is carried through this ascension cycle to ensure this particular timeline does not need to keep repeating itself. 

This is why the starseeds incarnated here in the first place. Not everyone needs to be awake 'in mind' but we need enough people to have the correct DNA configuration in order for their memories to remain cohesive when they ascend. Right now the energies are going as fast as they can so they do not lose anybody who has the correct configuration to make the journey. 

Regarding 'The Event' one should say 'events' plural (actually multidimensional) not 'event' singular (3D) 'The Event' is a mistranslation in linear terms of a multidimensional process. 

Magenta Pixie x

20 May 2018

On-going Meditations

Please check We Love Mass Meditations for details of on-going meditations.

Also a reminder that today is the Weekly Ascension Meditation at 4pm UTC.

This is the status alert from Cobra a few hours ago:
Black systems alert at 504, probably fatal HVBN security breach at 504, probable HVBN grid collapse, prepare SecureShell, strictly enforce GBN

Followed later by:
Systems alert / HVBN security breach in deflection, evaluate AN reposition, evaluate ASCOM sequence 
Let's do what we can to help the situation.

Aligning Our Energy

When your energy vibrates at a frequency that is in direct alignment with what the Universe has been attempting to deliver your entire life, you begin to live in the flow and true miracles start to happen.

Thanks to Meg Benedicte for sharing this.

If DNA is a Software, Who Wrote the Code? - Tom Bunzel - 7 May 2017

"It would require us to revise the words of Descartes to “I AM, therefore, I think.”

Thank you to Brenda Williams for sharing this.

Source: Collective Evolution

Recently an article in SF Gate by Deepak Chopra and Pankaj S. Joshi, PhD – “Can There Be a Science of Consciousness?” — had this amazing quote: “By taking for granted the obvious fact that it takes a mind to do science, we’ve reached the point where science is leaving out the very component that might answer the questions that urgently need answering, not because philosophy demands it but because science does.”

As a longtime admirer of Deepak’s work, I had reached out to him on several occasions because I felt his most recent book, You Are the Universe, co-authored with Menas Kafatos, PhD, resonated with my own ideas about the significance of sequencing (or decoding) DNA.

The mystery of DNA to me is as compelling a clue as the existence of the pyramids, precisely because as someone who discovered computer programming late in life, I recognized in its structure that it functions literally as an “organic programming language.”

Please read on....

Taipei Ascension Conference: 12 & 13 May 2018 ~ Personal Notes ~ Part 3 of 3

This is neither the official version nor one that's verified by Cobra. I understand that there will be a transcript available in due course. Comments in ochre are mine and therefore my own opinion or understanding, please feel free to ignore.

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.

Galactic Wave of Love

  • This will restructure the whole Galaxy. (I believe that it's a Cosmic Reset that will involve all of Creation, not just this Galaxy. The originating pulse is from the Great Central Sun of our Galactic Central Sun.)
  • The Galactic Central Sun is getting more active as energies build up to this Galactic Wave of Love. This Love energy allows us to go through this transition without cataclysms as it also returns Goddess energies to the surface. This factor is most important at this moment to enable Humanity to survive the transition.
  • Goddess energies are pure Feminine energies; the GCS will activate those who are ready; women are also carriers of this energy.
  • Connecting and embodying the Goddess archetype melts patterns and beliefs that have been in place for thousands of years as the Goddess energies were suppressed throughout that time
  • These energies bring Harmony to the Planet.
Soul Families are connected by energy and essence. The members share the same mission and purpose, and have unconditional love for each other.

Archons have kept us on a personality and biological level to create division (we tend to think we are our personality and that our only/true family is our biological one). This leads to a fragmented society. Once we all begin to connect at Soul level, there will be no more conflicts in society.

Connecting with our Higher Self will enable us to recognise others on Soul level. This means we will need to clear our implants, especially those relating to the male/female programming. These implants are above the navel and produce opposing programs for males and females.

Soul Mate connections are deeper than Soul brothers and sisters. There is a magnetic attraction between Soul Mates, and this can lead to deep transformation if both are aware and feel safe enough to proceed. A sacred union on all levels of creation (mental, emotional, physical) results to an opening of a portal, and this is one of the keys to immortality. This is also one of the secret mysteries of the Goddess.

This sacred union results in the Kundalini rising to the Crown chakra, which activates a complete toroidal field thus reversing the ageing process.

We'll meet our Soul Mate/Twin Soul nearer the time of Ascension.

When Soul Mates meet, implants get activated and childhood traumas are triggered. These are the trauma of abandonment and trauma of suffocation.

Archons trigger these opposite programs to prevent union. But if the Soul Mates consciously work on the programs they can reach sacred union, which will send Love energy to the Planetary Grid.

The New Atlantis phases comprise the following:
  1. Cintamani Grid 
  2. Loving couples in Energy Grid

The Narrow Gate Web
Boston Marathon bombing
Sandy Hook
These all lie on the leyline across the globe. This is known as the Hassuna Samarra Vortex, and it is the entry point of Goddess energy.

Archons harvest anomaly energies of failed unions and place them in these locations to create unrest.

Twin Souls are the equal and opposite doubles of a Soul which splits into two opposing polarities before incarnating on the physical plane. These pairings are more powerful than Soul Mates, but most never meet in the same lifetime.

"Twin Soul fantasy" is an Archon program to control females. (This program makes females project twin soul qualities and expectations onto the unsuspecting male partner to disrupt the relationship. Females expect the partners to live up to the standard of a Twin Soul.) They also believe that they are only allowed to have sex with a Twin Soul
  • Marriage is another programming. Weddings are rituals to trigger all other related programming. This results in the husband being unable to manifest that expected perfection, eventually leading to divorce
  • Hollywood pushes this programming
  • Females are encouraged to be comfortable with emotions and they therefore know how to deal with them. They are allowed to feel emotion but not sexuality
  • The exact opposite programming runs in males
  • This basic male-female opposing programming is the source of all wars
  • The key for peace is therefore to liberate female sexuality.
The female programming started in Atlantis. Then the Archon invasions ~ first one 5000 - 6000 years ago, then 1,600 years ago ~ targetted women, who were raped and violated to suppress, pervert and distort the female energies. Prior to that, priestesses invoking Goddess presence into their bodies and using Kundalini energies, healed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Galactic Wave of Love will start transforming energies, especially this male-female distortion.

Reptilians in human bodies and psychopaths were employed to break the trust of males in females. Clearing program will keep women safe. 3 - 5% of population are Reptilian hybrids. When this situation is cleared, the issues surrounding sexuality can also be cleared.

This program also creates split in personality, in the sense that females have differing private and public personas. Women need to start expressing sexual energies with honesty and balance. Sexual union and Kundalini energies are the energies of Light. High Priestesses used to anchor and ground Goddess energies to stabilise and harmonise the population. This would include sexual union with the country's leader. In the case of female leader, the High Priest would be the sacred partner for this ritual.

Monogamy is another program copied from Orion system, where women were seen as the property of men and have no rights. This is territorial programming.

Commitment in relationships is a conscious decision to devote energies to each other. This is a Divine Archetype, and requires going deeper into relationship with the conscious decision of the I AM Presence.

A short Q&A session followed:
  • "The moment of Contact approaches."
  • God energy is archetype of Hero. We can be this by following our dream
  • Almost all of Cobra's readers are Starseeds
  • Taiwan underground base (Northen Taiwan) is almost ready, can accommodate up to 2.5 billion Beings when ready.
  • Cobra showed how rape victims can heal their energies: 
Acknowledge what has happened, then PUSH those energies back to the perpetrator. Here's how ~ Ground, and stand firmly. Then push with all your might and emotions, sending the energies back to the perp.
  • Games created by Archons and introduced through social engineering. Remedy? Honest communication.
  • "How to Catch a Man and Keep Him" & "How to Seduce a Woman" (books) are based on programming
  • We can be catalysts for human society by implementing honesty. This will break the Matrix
  • Using the "lure" of "72 Virgins", it is possible to start an Islamic State already.
Soul Families
Now we must create resonance fields in our surrounding to create our new society. Most advanced members will start living in areas of Light, by first creating Soul Families that can be without conflict, and then living in areas of Light Communities. Soul Familites are not our biological families.

These areas of Light Communities will pursue First Contact in its fullest. Primary landing zones will be established after First Contact. There will also be interaction and communication between some of the Beings and the surface population. Some areas of land have already been purchased, they are just missing Soul Families.

New technology introduced will be leading the changes for Humanity.
Living in harmony is the main test for Lightworkers. Light Forces monitor and observe all interactions involving LWs. They know what we say, write etc....and sometimes they say OMG. (Attendees cracked up over this.)

We have to start visualising and manifesting our New Reality.

Galactic Reunion
We've now entered the time of Galactic Reunion. The Light Forces are working round the clock to create Contact. 

On the old timeline, the emphasis was on intel. People ended up waiting for Light Forces to do everything.

Now, with the new timeline, there is a new strategy. This cannot yet be revealed to prevent dark forces from knowing, but Cobra tells the participants that it's bringing in results! Intel from now on will only be released on need-to-know basis.

We should start working on our missions. Don't wait or ask Cobra what to do, JUST DO IT. Then we can come together and cooperate as Sovereign Beings. WE NEED TO BECOME A HERO.

350 people are more than enough to change the world. It's up to us.

We now know how to manifest without limit.
We know how to deprogram from the matrix.
We know how to demanifest.

And we can do this for others, too.

We are each one of us, Neo.
"One is enough". 
But we have 350.

When we clear ourselves, our potential for Contact increases, and we become more real. We're stepping into our real lives.
We were born for this.
We are now in the Final Phase.
Give it all we got!


End of Ascension Conference.

(I would like to make a special mention of the Taiwanese team that organised this Ascension Conference. They were a coherent, high-energy, Heart-centred and efficient group that made sure the participants could fully experience the conference as best as possible. THANK YOU, TAIWAN TEAM! Much Love and appreciation to each and every single one of you. And thank you for feeding us with amazing vegan food!!

Finally, thank you, Cobra ~ your determination, dedication and devotion truly inspire us all.)