21 November 2017

Buddhist Prophecies of the Rainbow Body ~ Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock ~ S27:Ep15

Thank you to Shaun Maoro for this.

David Wilcock examines the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama and Padmasambhava in the Buddhist traditions. Gautama Siddhartha downloaded the core of the ascension teachings and Padmasambhava fleshed out the practices to achieve the activation of the rainbow body.

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Low Frequency States ~ Paul Selig ~ 19 November 2017

Source: Empath 1111

Now are there ways to keep your frequency low? Absolutely. Greed. Fear. Envy. Sloth. Anger. Jealousy. 
All of those things that have a bad rap were given that bad rap for a very good reason, and this has little to do with conduct or moral worth. This has to do with how it appeals to lower frequency. 
When you are operating in your anger, you are calling in anger and you are moving into congruence with a sea of anger, or the matrix of anger, that is available to you. Everybody does. 
When you are moving into your envy, you are not hurting somebody. You are hurting yourself because you are, frankly, removing yourself from the freedom to create what you need by seeing instead a place of lack and asserting that you are not worthy of the good that you seek. 
When you present sloth, you are really presenting a fear of moving forward in higher frequency.

When you are operating in high frequency, you are free. And what you do when you are free is always in light. 
So if you are lying in bed and don’t want to move and it’s not because you are tired or processing something emotionally but it is because you are lazy or acting in that frequency, you can bet that your frequency is not high and you are not aligning yourself to Divine Will.

Paul Selig –The Book of Love and Creation
A channeled text

Emerging Light ~ Lee Harris ~ 19 November 2017

Source: Lee Harris

RECOGNISE that the DARK and LIGHT co-exist on Earth and you are living in a time when the two are going head to head.

And what can tend to happen because of the negative slant in our culture, the way of seeing the world, is that FEAR and NEGATIVITY tend to draw the attention far more than the LOVE, the PEACE, the GROWTH and the HEALING. Even in times of great conflict like this, light is emerging in more and more ways. The world is starting to be able to lighten up in terms of how humanity is experiencing itself, even as great questions are being asked about destructive behaviours and systems that limit rather than give growth. 

Soul Steer

Mind: I’m worried.
Heart: Just relax.
Mind: But, I’m totally lost now
Heart: Just follow me.
Mind: But you’ve never been there before.
Heart: Trust me, you’ll love it.
Soul: If you two would shut up I’d show you the map.
 I think I've posted this before, but never mind, here it is again.

Thank you for this reminder, ShauNamaste NaMae Carlson.


Two articles here about this first interstellar "asteroid", which has a very interesting cigar shape. It is estimated that this object measures 400m by 40m ~ 'Oumuamua in Hawaiian means "Messenger from afar arriving fast". Hmmm....

There's also this animation from ESO that shows the trajectory of the object passing fairly close to Earth. It is believed that the object could have originated from Vega, in the Lyran constellation. Hmmm again.....

Here are the two articles:



The forecast didn't expect any storms....

Transcendence ~ Joanna Fay ~ 19 November 2017

Source: Heart Star

We are the Light that transcends all limiting factors, we are pure conduits and anchors of Divine Grace, the vibration that naturally realigns all energies to the Oneness of Love, we are the Spirit that melts all resistance into true Peace.
And So Be It. 

Dear All,

Following a major inflow of higher Light through the 11-11, which peaked full on for three days within a high continuous streaming since July-August 2017, star family and many ascended ones within and around the Earth have been focusing the Silver Flame through the planetary grids and collective energy field. The Silver Flame brings the vibration of pure, effortless Transcendence, openness to a state of being filled with Divine Grace ~ the gift of immersion in, and expression through, pure love ~ as it naturally radiates reformation (re+format+ion), formating subtle particles with the Light of Source.

There is a Silver Light Wave radiating through the planetary field now, particularly focused into the ‘lower astral’ band of the fourth dimension, sending the vibration of transcendence and reformation, clearing heavy energetic imprints. If you feel an inner call to attune with this vibration, we suggest using the affirmation at the top of this post in conjunction with visualizing (or holding the intention) of a Silver Flame in the centre of your heart chakra ~ your heart centre-point ~ and as you breathe out, let it gently spread through your physical body and subtle bodies, fill your auric field, then radiate around the planet to all life, with unconditional Love for all. You can invite the Silver Flame through ‘all the colours of the rainbow’ ~ if there’s a light you feel drawn to work with, such as Rose Light, or Violet Light, just feel the enhancement of the organizing-to-highest-love quality of each colour vibration when the Silver is flowed through it.😊

We’ll now backtrack a bit, and introduce two beautiful lightships that have joined the Silveray and the Caritas in being regenerated from retrieved/healed higher dimensional Core Crystals during the last few months ~ the Butterfly (Ba’Shiila) and the Sapphire Star (Elam’Ashar).

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20 November 2017

The Art of Knowing ~ Cosmic Agent ~ 19 November 2017

Again, I don't know about its authenticity, but I found this message most encouraging.

Source: Cosmic Agent

I can see and hear that Many people around the planet are wondering whether any of these long promised positive changes are going to ever happen on the planet, well I can assure everyone they will happen. 

Tune into your inner knowing and let go of all doubts, fears, frustrations and learn to know the truth instead of believing anything. Intelligent conscious individuals including galactic humans that never believe anything they are always seeking to know for themselves instead believing this or that. 

I don't believe in anything you either know or you don't know. 

Believing means you don't know so you assume many things blindly and that is very limiting and detrimental learn to investigate internally everything . Blind believing has been one of the main cause of suffering and Negativity on the planet if you want to be a wise and free individual you need to learn the art of knowing. 

Yes all this changes everyone has heard about since many years are finally going to manifest. I can assure everyone on the planet that we are not talking in years anymore but days and months before big changes becomes visible.

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