Spirits in the Sky

As a child, I loved looking to the sky for my amusement on long road trips. Being the one that didn't quite fit in, I was used to being my own company. The Sky Spirits and Cloud Entities would oblige by assembling the most amazing and amusing formations that would keep me enthralled for long periods of time. Animals, birds, cetaceans, faces, figures...I would have conversations with the formations and tell them they were simply gorgeous.

And now, many decades later :)  I still have the same obsession with the sky. There is a huge gap where I had to abandon my sky-watching when I was busy with a corporate career that I didn't understand (or fit in...as usual), and then later on as a parent. But the instinct to look up never left me, and here I am, once again, marvelling at the sky.

I can say with total conviction that our beautiful skies have gotten exponentially more so. There are new formations (that I've not seen before) and "entities" that now constantly grace our skies, ever since 2012 began. The Angels and Sylphs have taken stewardship over that space, and I am ever so grateful to them. 

As a gesture of deep gratitude as well as to share their awesome glory with you, I have now added this page to my blog, dedicated to these wondrous Beings. I hope you enjoy these pictures :)


  1. Beautiful pics! Hey, maybe the clouds are the spirit beings. Everything has consciousness. :)

  2. I think you'd really like this video, beautiful music and clouds, ahhhh.

  3. Ahhhh....very nice, thanks Jen :) You are so right...EVERYTHING has consciousness. I even name my phone, PC, car... !

  4. This special place is the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park located on 14 acres of some of the most beautiful Sedona scenery I have ever seen. Not knowing much about the Buddhist faith, I was a little concerned that I would do or say something that would offend my friends or other visitors at the Stupa.

    Ilchi Lee

  5. Great pics, thanks, beautiful.
    I too, have been impelled in the last two years to take photos, ~~~ the sky is so engaging and rich with color and vibrancy and images.
    I think we are witnessing the dimension of "new earth"!
    And I too have witnessed what I call extraordinary Angels ~~~~ giant formations in all colors. I post to FB, when can. My iPhone camera goes everywhere, even to NYC.
    Appreciate the kindred "picture taking spirit"~~~~~ blessings👍🏻🌻❤️💖

    1. Many thanks, Donna, I'm so happy you appreciate these gorgeous beings and formations :)

      Blessings, Grace
      PS....Blogger doesn't show icons well.... :/

  6. Research HAARP.
    Its turned on in nearly every picture you posted.
    Its weatherization equipment capable of creating earthquakes, tsunami's, tornadoes, etc.

  7. Isn't it amazing how the sky shows us beauty in fire and tenderness?
    Living in the UK in a rural area offers me beautiful sightings of vast open skies and yesterday night, June 22nd 2016, I noticed that parts of the clouds and open sky lighted up as if a laserbeam was moving through the sky. I meant to look at the moon and began to see these light effects. I couldn't detect the source of the laserbeam, for there was no part of that beam (if it was a beam) connected to the ground, that I was able to detect. It was magical and wonderful, a game of light. An explanation could be the Glastonbury festival that has started today, with possible festive events like a laser-show as a kick off in the night before this 4 day event begins.

    I'm on 6 miles distance from the Tor you see and the festival grounds at Pilton aren't that far away. I would love to fly in a silent plane over that huge crowd and hear waves of music, see the clouds of sweet holy smoke!

    1. That's such a poetic description, Marian :) Our beautiful skies hold so much Magic nowadays, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Light you saw was something other than the Glastonbury lasers. I would love to visit that place someday soon!